This website has been developed to assist those assessing the financial implications of the Nursing Home Support Scheme (” A Fair Deal” ) when considering long term care either for themselves or a loved one. It does not deal with Medical, Welfare or Care issues.

It is not affiliated to any State agency or institution and has been produced as a result of the author researching the subject on behalf of relatives and to assist others in doing likewise.

For some it might be a daunting task trying to figure out what it might cost for full time nursing home care so a Calculator has been included to enable you to quickly see what it will cost you and what the State will contribute to your care.

The information you provide is not stored and will be deleted when you leave the site. You can also remove data whilst you are in the Calculator by pressing the reset button at the end of the page. You can print the data and use it to complete the official Application Form.

Whilst every effort has been made to interpret the legislation in respect of the Scheme , it is subject to change and we cannot cover every situation.

You should not act on the information without seeking professional advice and submitting your data in an official application to the HSE which administers the scheme.

We hope you find the site helpful at a time that is generally difficult for all concerned. Nobody likes discussing family finances at a time when health and welfare issues are of the foremost concern.

It is better to be informed now of the issues that need to be addressed rather than wait for a life changing event to occur.